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Akron Beacon Journal, Profile OSR

5 Aug , 2017  

A popular culture writer for the twin sites of the Akron Beacon Journal and apparently took a trip west recently to visit the Ohio State Reformatory. In a piece entitled, “”Shawshank,” ghosts and Lee DeWyse: Historic Ohio State Reformatory home to movies, museum, music,” author Clint O’Connor provides an introduction to the building’s current uses as tourist attraction, concert venue, paranormal mecca, movie set, and more. Read More


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Haunted & Hollywood Writer Covers Trip

2 Oct , 2016  

In early September, the Mansfield Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau hosted several travel writers from across the country on a “Haunted & Hollywood” tour. Included among sites visited were the Ohio State Reformatory, Richland Carrousel Park, The Blueberry Patch, and many others. The purpose of the event was to showcase area attractions fitting these themes. Now that writers have returned home, coverage of their individual trips has started to be posted. Read More

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