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State Board To Consider Taxiway Relocation Design Project At Lahm

23 Feb , 2019  

On February 25, the State of Ohio Controlling Board, a part of the Office of Management and Budget, will consider a request from the Adjutant General’s Department to approve a waiver of competitive selection and a release of $441,000 for a taxiway project at Mansfield Lahm Airport. More…

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Mansfield Airport Day To Be Held On July 1

22 Jun , 2017  

The Mansfield Aviation Club is pleased to announce that it will host a Fly-In (or drive to) Pancake Breakfast Plus on Saturday, July 1 at the Mansfield Lahm Airport pavilion.

Breakfast will be served from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and shredded chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, sloppy joes and soft drinks will be served from then until 1:00 PM. More…


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Commission Reportedly Chooses Lahm Project for Funding

17 Apr , 2017  

Sources reported last week that the Ohio Military Facilities Commission approved only two requests for funding at their recent meeting.

According to the Dayton Business Journal, one of those projects was a $4 million taxiway relocation at Mansfield Lahm, done to support the 179th Airlift Wing. More…

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