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18th Century Holiday Happens Despite Cold

16 Dec , 2016  

Despite chilly weather outside, the temperatures were hospitable inside as the Richland Early American Center for History hosted an 18th Century Holiday event at The Blockhouse in South Park. More…

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Social Media Spotlight: Take A Trip Down Old Mansfield Streets

15 Dec , 2016  

From time to time, 1812Blockhouse will highlight social media sites with an emphasis on the north central Ohio area. From the number of these online locations, it is clear that there is great affection for Mansfield and Richland County from current and past residents. More…

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The Day John Glenn Came To Mansfield

9 Dec , 2016  

The world is mourning the death of former astronaut and United States Senator John Glenn, who passed away on Thursday.

Some 48 years ago, on March 4, 1968, then Colonel John Glenn paid what may have been his first visit to Mansfield and Richland County. The occasion was the recognition of Eagle Scouts in the Johnny Appleseed Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. More…


Friday Afternoon Sun

19 Nov , 2016  

The sun was just beginning to think about setting when this image of downtown Mansfield’s Hancock & Dow Building was captured. More about this wonderful landmark later this weekend on 1812Blockhouse. Click image for a larger version.