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When Mansfield Welcomed: Buffalo Bill

17 Jul , 2019  

NOTE: This post in our “When Mansfield Welcomed” series has been updated with recently-discovered information.

It was a brilliant Saturday in July, 1896 when Buffalo Bill came to town. Not just Buffalo Bill, mind you – his famous “Wild West Show” was in tow and put on two performances in a lot on East Fourth Street. This was not his first visit to Mansfield, nor would it be his last.

Buffalo Bill, born William Frederick Cody in 1846, grew up on the frontier and loved every aspect of that way of life. As he grew older, some of the titles he earned, or at least ascribed to himself, including buffalo hunter, U.S. Army scout and guide, and showman, as well as Pony Express Rider, Indian fighter, and even author. Whatever Cody’s titles, he was destined for fame. More…

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Richland Roots: Colonel Thomas H. Ford – Dismissed But Respected

14 Jul , 2019  

Throughout its history, Richland County has produced or been the home to a wide variety of individuals that have made important contributions to the world. 1812Blockhouse has been sharing their stories in a series called “Richland Roots.” For other Richland Roots stories, click here.

During the American Civil War, Ohio and Richland County contributed greatly to the Union cause. We have previously posted stories about soldiers such as General Robert Byington Mitchell, a native Mansfielder. Today we turn our attention to another Mansfield resident who saw service in the Union Army, albeit with a unique twist – Thomas H. Ford. More…

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A Mansfield Fourth, 150 Years Ago

4 Jul , 2019  

Note: We first shared this story two years ago on our first Fourth of July holiday. It’s so fun, we’re keeping up the tradition this year.

A century and a half ago, local media writers were bemoaning the lack of activities scheduled in Mansfield to celebrate Independence Day, with one exception: a “Base Ball” game between the “fats” and the “lanks.” More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: The Ohio State Fair

30 Jun , 2019  

Updated with additional information

Here’s a summertime trivia question for you – when was the last time that the Ohio State Fair was held outside of Columbus, and where was it held?

You might be able to guess the answer to that question from the title of this post.

Mansfield was home to the Ohio State Fair in 1872 and 1873, one of only 10 cities statewide to ever hold that honor. More…

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Stewart’s Root Beer Makes It To Staten Island

30 May , 2019  

It may be the least populated of New York City’s five boroughs with a population of nearly 500,000, but it is also the newest home of a Stewart’s All American Grill restaurant with its trademark root beer.

A story in silive.com entitled “Stewart’s All American Grill brings its famous root beer to Staten Island” starts out this way: More…

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Vintage Mansfield Photo Collection Accessible Online

29 May , 2019  

UPDATE: With our increasing number of daily readers, we’re re-running this post about a collection of vintage local photographs that can be viewed from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that some may have missed.

Through a partnership with the Cleveland Memory Project, an online location for thousands of Cleveland area photographs sponsored by the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University, the Mansfield Richland County Public Library has set out to connect Mansfielders with their past. More…

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150 Years After First Professional Baseball Game, Mansfield Independents Again Host The Cincinnati Red Stockings

29 May , 2019  

A century and a half has passed since America’s very first professional baseball game took place right here in Mansfield.

On Saturday, June 1, 150 years to the day after that meeting, two teams with the same name will meet (weather permitting, of course) at Cyclops Field. More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: England’s Greatest Actor

28 May , 2019  

He was considered by many to be the greatest English actor of the nineteenth century. Yet underneath the veneer of accomplishment was someone who, it is said, never actually liked performing on the stage.

And on Thursday, March 30, 1916, he visited the city of Mansfield for the only time in his career. His performance that night was one in a series of highly significant moments in the worldwide history of theatre. More…


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Richland Roots: Lloyd Garrison Wheeler: Part One

2 May , 2019  

Shortly before his death in 1909, a husband and wife from Chicago boarded a train and headed south, their destination a relatively new place of higher education in rural Alabama. The couple was no stranger to southern life, having spent years living in Arkansas some three decades before. On this occasion, however, the man was leaving behind a set of business difficulties and accepting a position which had been offered to him by a long-time friend. More…

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Richland Roots: Lloyd Garrison Wheeler: Part Two

2 May , 2019  

Part One of our first Richland Roots profile on Mansfield native Lloyd Garrison Wheeler can be accessed here.

When Lloyd and Ranie Wheeler made their move to from Illinois to Arkansas in 1870, they had good timing. Just one year later, 3.3 square miles of the central part of Chicago were destroyed by fire.

On the other hand, Reconstruction-era Arkansas was a very difficult location for Wheeler as he set out to establish a law practice. Family legend says that a billy club found within his effects after his death was protection in case he might become the target of Ku Klux Klan activity. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: St. Peter’s Catholic Church

21 Apr , 2019  

NOTE: We are very pleased to re-share this Landmarks of Mansfield post in celebration of Easter, which is important to the city’s Christian communities.

For the last 100 years, the 125 feet high towers of the landmark St. Peter’s Catholic Church have themselves done double duty, standing sentinel over the central part of Mansfield while at the same time encouraging passers-by to look in a heavenly direction. More…

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Richland Roots: The Man Who Followed Lewis And Clark

7 Apr , 2019  

Over the last two centuries, Richland County has produced a remarkable set of individuals who have led lives of discovery. In the nineteenth century, that included men and women who traveled west where they were engaged in the exploration of areas of the country that were not then well known to Americans.

Once such individual was Olin Dunbar Wheeler. More…

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When Mansfield Went Online: First Editions Of Local Websites

17 Mar , 2019  

Note: This was originally posted in early 2018 and has been updated with additional information.

It wasn’t that long ago that Richland Countians obtained local news and information almost solely via newspaper, radio, and television.

Everyone who has lived through some or all of the last twenty years knows the impact that the Internet has had on communication. In fits and starts, Mansfield businesses and organizations have joined local media in staking out an online presence. Today, it’s a standard part of doing business.



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ODOT Planning To Repair Historic Mansfield Bridge; Comments Sought

3 Mar , 2019  

One of the oldest bridges in Richland County, and one immediately adjacent to properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is scheduled for repair and stabilization.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is planning to repair a 13’ X 128’ stone arch bridge on Park Avenue West, between South Park and Middle Park, by installing an arched tunnel liner and concrete knee walls to support the liner.  Storm sewer repairs and catch basins will be relocated from over the top of the structure and out of the center of SR 430. More…

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