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When Mansfield Went Online: First Editions Of Local Websites

17 Mar , 2019  

Note: This was originally posted in early 2018 and has been updated with additional information.

It wasn’t that long ago that Richland Countians obtained local news and information almost solely via newspaper, radio, and television.

Everyone who has lived through some or all of the last twenty years knows the impact that the Internet has had on communication. In fits and starts, Mansfield businesses and organizations have joined local media in staking out an online presence. Today, it’s a standard part of doing business.



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ODOT Planning To Repair Historic Mansfield Bridge; Comments Sought

3 Mar , 2019  

One of the oldest bridges in Richland County, and one immediately adjacent to properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is scheduled for repair and stabilization.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is planning to repair a 13’ X 128’ stone arch bridge on Park Avenue West, between South Park and Middle Park, by installing an arched tunnel liner and concrete knee walls to support the liner.  Storm sewer repairs and catch basins will be relocated from over the top of the structure and out of the center of SR 430. More…

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Richland Roots: From Lexington To The University Of Michigan – The Life Of Olive Anderson

26 Feb , 2019  

Her name was Olive San Louie Anderson.

Not only was her name a bit unusual, her life was a pacesetting one in the area of higher education for women. Unfortunately, it was also one which ended in tragedy.

1812Blockhouse shares posts in our “Richland Roots” series to talk about the less-commonly known stories of people born here or who lived here and went on to make significant contributions to state, regional, or national history. Other posts in the series are available here. More…

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Mansfield’s Own Singer, Darrell Banks

7 Feb , 2019  

NOTE: We are re-posting this story from July of 2018 on request.

Mansfield has produced and nurtured its fair share of talent over its 200 year history. The roster of individuals born, raised, and supported here that have achieved some measure of success in artistic endeavors is a long one.

Sure, you know of Luke Perry, and Sylvia McNair, and the Music Explosion. Have you heard of Darrell Banks, however? No, not the Richland County Commissioner; we’re referring to a name known to many lovers of pop and soul music in the latter part of the 1960s. More…


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NECIC To Host Speaker On The Company Line

3 Feb , 2019  

Have you ever heard of The Company Line?

In honor of Black History Month, and as a way to kick off the speaker series of the African American Leadership Initiative (AALI), Andrew Sewell of Lawhon & Associates will talk about a unique piece of local history: The Company Line, Mansfield’s first African American neighborhood. More…

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Richland Roots: The Tragic Tale Of Beautiful Miss Mansfield

31 Jan , 2019  

Throughout its history, Richland County has produced or been the home to a wide variety of individuals that have made important contributions to the world. 1812Blockhouse has been sharing their stories in a series we started last year called “Richland Roots.” For other Richland Roots stories, click here.

Occasionally, those tales take a tragic turn. During a film shoot in 1923, an aspiring actress suffered a gruesome fate that cut short what may well have been a brilliant career. This actress not only shared her name with the city of Mansfield, but it was the city that was the source of her professional name – Martha Mansfield. More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: The Greatest Show On Earth

20 Jan , 2019  

In 1872, entertainment history was made when the first large circus to travel by rail appeared in small and mid-sized communities across the Midwest. America’s Greatest Showman was behind the entire endeavor.

On June 22, that tour included a stop in Mansfield. The Greatest Show on Earth – a slogan used for the very first time in publicity for that very trip – came to town for three shows. Actually, it was more fully known as “P.T. Barnum’s Great Traveling Museum, Menagerie, and World’s Fair – consisting of museum, menagerie, aquarium, polytechnic institute, international zoological garden, and Dan Castello’s chaste and refined circus.” More…

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Richland Roots: Introducing Mansfielder General James S. Robinson

13 Jan , 2019  

Throughout its history, Richland County has produced or been the home to a wide variety of individuals that have made important contributions to the world. 1812Blockhouse has been sharing their stories in a series we started last year called “Richland Roots.” For other Richland Roots stories, click here.

Richland County has produced leaders in business, the arts, the military, education, politics, and civic life over its 200-plus years. Occasionally, that includes someone whose life story includes noteworthy activity in several of those areas. Such is the case with native Richland Countian James Sidney Robinson. More…

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Mansfield On The Map: The Railroads Arrive

8 Jan , 2019  

NOTE: For previous stories in our “Mansfield on the Map” series, click on any of the following:

Mansfield on the Map: The Beginning

Mansfield on the Map: Richland County Changes Shape

Mansfield on the Map: Earlier Map, Hedges Letters Found Online

We continue our look at “Mansfield on the Map” by moving to the year 1854 and the publication of one of the first maps of Ohio to include rail lines, “Colton’s railroad & township map of the state of Ohio, drawn by George W. Colton, and engraved by J M. Atwood.”

The first completed rail line in Ohio was the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad. Construction began in 1835 in Sandusky and was completed through Tiffin, Kenton, and Springfield by the late 1840s. More…


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100 Years Ago, Mansfield’s New Year’s Eve Featured “Small Cannon And Bombs”

2 Jan , 2019  

Local New Year’s Eve revelers may have had a dry evening — once they made it inside, that is. Strong rain and high winds made travel somewhat difficult.

One hundred years ago, on December 31, 1918, the scene was somewhat similar in Mansfield. According to the News Journal published 100 years ago today, January 2, 1919, “Mansfield kicked off a year and a half of war restraint in giving 1919 a noisy welcome. New year’s eve was celebrated with more than ordinary noise and joyousness. More…


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Louis Bromfield And Christmas

22 Dec , 2018  

NOTE: In what has become an annual tradition, we’re sharing this post through Christmas Day.

There is no question that Pulitzer Prize-winner and Mansfielder Louis Bromfield was a fan of the holidays.

During the period of time that Bromfield lived there, Malabar Farm was an active place during the Christmas season. More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: The Ohio State Corn Show

18 Dec , 2018  

Updated with additional information. The competition was fierce early last century as Columbus, Alliance, Marietta, Toledo, Fostoria, Marion, and Mansfield vied for the prize – host city for the 1914 Ohio State Corn Show. At the 1913 show in Lima, the winner was announced, and Mansfield was chosen.

Amazingly, both the 1913 and 1914 Corn Shows took place in the dead of winter – mid to late January. Still, thousands attended such events. More…


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State Board Recommends That Downtown Mansfield Be Designated A National Register Historic District

16 Dec , 2018  

The Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board met earlier this month at the Ohio History Center at I-71 & 17th Ave. in Columbus.

At the meeting, the board recommended nine proposed Ohio nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, either individually or as part of a National Register Historic District. The latter group included a several-block area of downtown Mansfield, labeled the “Downtown Mansfield Historic District,” roughly bounded by Fifth Street to the north, Diamond Street to the east, Second Street to the south, and Mulberry Street to the west.

According to the announcement: More…

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OSR Featured On Science Channel

7 Dec , 2018  

Mansfield has had more exposure on national television this fall. This time, it’s the Ohio State Reformatory’s turn to be in the spotlight.

According to its website, the Science Channel’s series Mysteries of the Abandoned features “stories behind some of the world’s most amazing engineering marvels, why they were built, and why they were eventually no longer of use. Each story highlights the people who designed the structures, their significance, and why they were ultimately left to crumble.” More…

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