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The Ghosts Of Hidden Mansfield Architecture

31 Oct , 2018  

In honor of Halloween, we’re asking you to join us in a look behind closed doors in downtown Mansfield. These ghosts of the city’a past could be a vital part of an exciting future with some attention and investment.

In 2012, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. joined statewide organization Preservation Ohio in hosting the Forbidden City Tour. On a warm June afternoon, several downtown buildings, rarely open to the public, were available for tours. Hundreds attended. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: John Krause House

23 Oct , 2018  

The fact that the John Krause House sits where it does is something which has puzzled some historians.

The house was designed with strong Prairie Style influences, much as its two-block-away neighbor, the Rufus Kern House at number 608 Park Avenue West. These two houses were built in a style which was not often found on Midwest main streets, as the influence of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright was considered a bit “modern” and not exactly mainstream. More…

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Walk. Listen. View The Past.

13 Sep , 2018  

On Saturday, Downtown Mansfield Inc. and Just Walk Richland are again collaborating to bring you the opportunity to exercise and experience the past at the same time.

In the third of four DMI Walks scheduled this season, this walk will focus on the Northeast Sector/Brewery District. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: The Finley Block

27 Aug , 2018  

The three story brick building currently being renovated in downtown Mansfield bears the name of its original owner and builder.

Dr. Mary Jordan Finley was a person of great note, not only for being a female physician at a time when such was relatively uncommon, but also based on her contributions to the community in which she lived. More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: John Philip Sousa

30 Jul , 2018  

John Philip Sousa was a musician whose reputation remains strong almost a century after his death.

The scene must have been extraordinary that late October evening in 1892, over 125 years ago, when Sousa came to town. The venue was the brand-new Memorial Opera House, a 565 seat auditorium situated in what was later the site of the Madison Theatre, and is now the parking lot of the Solders and Sailors Memorial Building on Park Avenue West. More…

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Mansfield On The Map: Earlier Map, Hedges Letters Found Online

26 Jul , 2018  

1812Blockhouse has discovered a map of Ohio online which may actually pre-date that referenced in the first post in our series Mansfield On The Map.

Although no date appears, it is claimed that the map which can be accessed at this location online dates from 1815, a year before the map we shared in our first post. This one not only shows Mansfield, but details the boundaries for several Ohio counties – with Richland County being on the western border of those shown. More…


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Mansfield On The Map: Richland County Changes Shape

25 Jul , 2018  

This is Part Two of a series; Part One can be found here.

The first fifty years of Ohio statehood saw the creation of counties and establishment of county boundaries – and then a re-shuffling of those boundaries, often by taking property from one and adding it to another or to an entirely new county. More…

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Mansfield On The Map: The Beginning

24 Jul , 2018  

Editor’s Note: In early 2017, 1812Blockhouse published two posts looking at the history of Mansfield and Richland County as that history is revealed on maps – maps of the area, county, and nation. We are repeating those posts this summer and adding to them with additional maps and local history.

Students of local lore will know that the city of had its origins in June of 1808 when the Hedges, Newman, and Larwell families platted a settlement and named it for US Surveyor General Jared Mansfield. More…

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Slow Roll Past Seven Scenic And Civic Wonders Of Mansfield

23 Jul , 2018  

That’s the goal this Tuesday evening as Slow Roll Mansfield takes a bike tour of locations featuring architecture, history, and community impact in what organizers are calling the “Seven Scenic and Civic Wonders of Mansfield.”

Slow Roll Mansfield is an effort to build community through cycling. It takes the form of a ride in the evening through the city, and amongst friends and fellow community members. The rides are slow and fun, and everyone is invited to join in. More…

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Mansfield’s Own Singer, Darrell Banks

16 Jul , 2018  

NOTE: We are re-posting this story from earlier this year on request.

Mansfield has produced and nurtured its fair share of talent over its 200 year history. The roster of individuals born, raised, and supported here that have achieved some measure of success in artistic endeavors is a long one.

Sure, you know of Luke Perry, and Sylvia McNair, and the Music Explosion. Have you heard of Darrell Banks, however? No, not the Richland County Commissioner; we’re referring to a name known to many lovers of pop and soul music in the latter part of the 1960s. More…


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A Mansfield Fourth, 150 Years Ago

4 Jul , 2018  

Note: We first shared this story last year on our first Fourth of July.

A century and a half ago, local media writers were bemoaning the lack of activities scheduled in Mansfield to celebrate Independence Day, with one exception: a “Base Ball” game between the “fats” and the “lanks.” More…


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Another Historic Tax Credit Project For Mansfield: 331 Prescott To Be Returned To Life

22 Jun , 2018  

On Wednesday, when the Ohio Development Services Agency announced awards of $30,228,955 in Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credits for the rehabilitation of 31 historic buildings, a Mansfield property was included for the second round in a row.

This time, the recipient is the landmark house at 331 Prescott Street, which is poised to receive a $900,000-plus rehabilitation project to create two residential units. More…

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When Mansfield Welcomed: Its Very First Automobile Show

13 Jun , 2018  

The role of the automobile in daily life was a relatively new one on February 24, 1917, the day that Mansfield’s very first automobile show opened its doors.

Just nine years after the Ford Motor Company launched its signature Model T, and just four years after the company’s integrated moving assembly line revolutionized manufacturing, the car owners in north central Ohio decided to hold a show at the brand-new building of the Cotter Transfer & Storage – then, as it still is 101 years later, at 40 West Third Street (see photo below). More…


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When Mansfield Went Online: First Editions Of Local Websites

10 Jun , 2018  

It wasn’t that long ago that Richland Countians obtained local news and information almost solely via newspaper, radio, and television.

Everyone who has lived through some or all of the last twenty years knows the impact that the Internet has had on communication. In fits and starts, Mansfield businesses and organizations have joined local media in staking out an online presence. Today, it’s a standard part of doing business. More…