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Landmarks Of Mansfield: The Finley Block

27 Aug , 2018  

The three story brick building currently being renovated in downtown Mansfield bears the name of its original owner and builder.

Dr. Mary Jordan Finley was a person of great note, not only for being a female physician at a time when such was relatively uncommon, but also based on her contributions to the community in which she lived. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Upson House

8 Aug , 2018  

The imposing brick house at 234 Park Avenue West once belonged to an imposing coal man.

His name was Charles William Upson. Upson, who was born in Tallmadge in 1855, came to Mansfield shortly after his 1879 graduation from Cornell University. A shrewd businessman, he joined with his brother and formed the Upson Brothers Coal Company. Coal remained his life for some 40 years. More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: The Robert Sandiford House

9 Jul , 2018  

It is altogether fitting that the house at 544 Park Avenue West is painted in several hues. After all, in its day the house was home to a man whose business regularly dealt with colorful things.

Robert Sandiford was known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a a master florist and horticulturalist. A native of London, England, Sandiford lived in both Canada and Cleveland before reaching Mansfield about 1870. More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Park Avenue Baptist Church

28 Jun , 2018  

When it was finished in 1929, the Park Avenue Baptist Church building was referred to as “one of the most beautiful churches in Ohio.”

Still standing at 296 Park Avenue West and now home to a Christian congregation known as MOSAIC, the structure has long been unique to the community. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: 331 Prescott Street

22 Jun , 2018  

NOTE: Click here for an update on this Landmark.

It’s a property that was nearly lost to history several years ago, and one which still seeks a more certain future.

The brick house at 331 Prescott Street, which sits on a rise of land not far from Oak Hill Cottage, has ties to Mansfield’s industrial past. It was built in the early years of the Civil War by Henry D. Keith, and then purchased by local civic leader Joseph Allonas a few years later. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: Mechanics Bank Building

21 Jun , 2018  

The Mechanics Bank Building, recently restored and expanded on the corner of South Main Street and Park Avenue West, is a landmark that has occupied an important corner in Mansfield history since its construction in 1926.

In the early years of the city, that corner was occupied by a two story brick residence owned by Robert Bowland. Bowland’s son was involved in one of the most notorious crimes in early Richland County history, an event chronicled in “Two Sons: The Bowland-Barker Murder” by Alan Wigton (available at Main Street Books downtown). More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building

28 May , 2018  

Celebrating Memorial Day 2018 with a reboot of this popular post. In this series, we have talked about survivors, local landmarks that have both stood the test of time and avoided both accidental loss and the all too common wrecking ball.

The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building, Park Avenue West’s Grand Old Lady, is both a local and statewide survivor. Since it opened in 1889, it has served veterans and the community well. Today it houses an extraordinary museum , provides character and dignity to Mansfield’s principal thoroughfare, and is a remarkable connection to what is arguably the most important conflict in American history. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: First English Lutheran Church

26 May , 2018  

First English Lutheran Church is a stunning survivor.

Stunning, as the structure at 53 Park Avenue West was built at a time when Victorian opulence was at its peak, and no expense was spared in its construction. More…


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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Civil War Monument in South Park

12 May , 2018  

It stands sentinel near the entrance of South Park, just as it has for the last 110 years. Erected in 1908, the Civil War Monument is 27 years newer than its counterpart in Central Park downtown.

Like its cousin, this statue was given in memory of deceased veterans of the Civil War. While the downtown monument was donated by an individual, however, the South Park statue was a gift from veterans of the 120th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: The Old Post Office

15 Apr , 2018  

Mansfield has lost much in the way of civic architecture, including its Victorian era courthouse and two former City Halls. The first building specifically built to serve the community as a post office continues to stand to this day, however, over 100 years after it opened to the public.

The city’s first center for mail delivery was said to have been a hollow log located near the intersection of Third and North Main. More…


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Landmarks Of Mansfield: St. Matthew Lutheran Church

5 Mar , 2018  

This might be the first time we have posted about a Landmark of Mansfield that is currently for sale.

Such is the case with the beautiful St. Matthew Lutheran Church, which has set at the corner of Penn Avenue and Sherman Place since it opened its doors in 1917. More…

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Landmarks of Mansfield: The Women’s Club Building

28 Jan , 2018  

There are a handful of structures standing in Mansfield today that very much “connect the dots.” These buildings tie important eras in the city’s history together, serving therefore as important landmarks that continue to inform and inspire.

One such building sits at 145 Park Avenue West, known locally as The Women’s Club. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield And Everything You Always Wanted To Know About: The Ohio Theatre

2 Jan , 2018  

In a bit over two weeks, our friends at the Renaissance Theatre are hosting a series of events commemorating the 90th birthday of Mansfield’s movie palace, the original Ohio Theatre, and current performing arts center.

In honor of that anniversary, we are happy to share a special joint post in our “Landmarks Of Mansfield” and “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About” series that centers on that iconic building in downtown Mansfield as it was when it opened in 1928. More…

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Landmarks Of Mansfield: Reed’s Building

30 Nov , 2017  

On a couple of occasions during the 28 previous entries in our “Landmarks of Mansfield” series, we have referred to a particular building as a “survivor.”

That description could certainly be used for the structure we focus on today. Downtown Mansfield has seen several department stores come and go, but only a couple of their former homes remain. One is a Civil War era building that once housed the city’s home-grown dry goods retailer still stands sentinel over the Square and Central Park. More…

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