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The Legacy Of What May Be The Last Johnny Appleseed Planted Tree

4 Feb , 2018  

Today, we are re-posting a popular post from last September for those who may not have seen it.

We live in Johnny Appleseed country. The relationship between the pioneer American nurseryman and the Mansfield area is well documented and commemorated today in many ways – from shopping centers to scenic byways.

Johnny Appleseed’s legacy lives on in other parts of Ohio and the country. Some months ago, we shared a story about one person’s efforts to identify the actual resting place for John Chapman, his legal name. That post can be accessed here. More…


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Mansfield’s Civil War General, “Fighting Bob”

7 Oct , 2017  

Today we’re re-posting a story about a Mansfielder who was well-known in his day, but about whom you have have heard little.

Throughout its past, Mansfield has been home to individuals who have played important roles in American history. The list of statesman, artists, authors, and others who are from here, or who have lived here, is a long and interesting one. More…


All About Mansfield, History & Tourism

Literary Mansfield: Bromfield In Paris

13 Aug , 2017  

Mansfield and Paris may not, at first glance, seem to have a great deal in common.

Many north central Ohioans have visited that region of France, and some, including the writer of this post, have had the opportunity to live there for some period of time. One such individual was noted writer Louis Bromfield, the scion of Malabar Farm who made a village near Paris his home for over a decade. More…

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Looking Back: Literary Mansfield Part One: The Poetry of Salathiel Coffinberry

19 Jul , 2017  

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a look at the ways in which Mansfielders, past and present, have been captured in books and other written works. We’re calling this series, “Literary Mansfield.”

Our first subject was a resident of Mansfield for some, but not all, of his long life. The saga of Salathiel Coffinberry began in Lancaster, Ohio in 1809; he was the son of that city’s first newspaper editor. More…


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Mansfield’s Baseball Broadcasting Pioneer

18 Apr , 2017  

The 2017 season of “America’s Favorite Pastime” is well underway. What better time to share the story of a key figure in radio broadcasting history – and particularly baseball broadcasting — who made Mansfield his home? More…

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Mansfielder Named To International Drag Racing Hall Of Fame

20 Mar , 2017  

UPDATE on March 20: Shrewsberry was inducted this past week into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame. This is our article on the honor which was first published in October.

A one-time Mansfielder who went on to become a key person in the development of “wheelstander” exhibition cars has been named as an inductee to the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame in Ocala, Florida. More…

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