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Thank You, Mansfield!

23 Nov , 2017  

We’re happy to re-post our first Thanksgiving message we shared in November of 2016, updated for today. The sentiments expressed herein have not changed.

1812Blockhouse is brand new – just two and a half months old (make that 1 year and two and a half months old), in fact. That’s plenty of time, however, to develop a list of thank yous to share its first Thanksgiving Day.

With that in mind, 1812Blockhouse shares: More…

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Server Move Has Brief Hiccup

14 Aug , 2017  

Those who have visited 1812Blockhouse over the last couple of days will have noticed that the site has been less frequently updated. Our switch to a new, more robust server took a bit more time than anticipated, which in turn caused some posting headaches.

That process is now complete, and we are now back up and running – better than ever. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for visiting 1812Blockhouse!


Our Nine Month Checkup

17 Jun , 2017  

As parents know well, there are a regular series of checkup visits during a child’s early years.

That is no less true with media start-ups. This past week 1812Blockhouse reached the ripe old age of nine months, and so we thought we’d turn the focus inwards to share a bit about where we’ve been and where we’re headed. More…

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Looking Back: What A Day For A Parade!

8 Apr , 2017  

Editor’s Note: Over the last few days, we have been looking back at posts made since September in celebration of our six-month anniversary. In the last post in that series, here are videos and photos from the 2016 Monsterfield Masquerade parade.

The weather was picture perfect; the young ghouls, witches, and goblins were full of excited anticipation; and the mood was celebratory as downtown Mansfield experienced the 2016 Monsterfield Masquerade Parade. More…

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Looking Back: Mansfielders Come Together To Launch Christmas Downtown

26 Mar , 2017  

Over the next handful of days, 1812Blockhouse will be sharing posts and photos from our first six months of operation. This post was published on December 3, 2016:

Early Friday evening, the temperatures hovered in the upper 30s while dozens of people gathered in the warmth of the Richland Carrousel Park building to listen to choral groups perform, ride the carrousel, and visit with friends. Some were outside where a live reindeer was on display. More…

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1812Blockhouse Just Turned Six … Months

25 Mar , 2017  

Several days ago, a milestone was hit here at 1812Blockhouse. We are now six months old (or young, depending on your perspective).

Birthdays are great times to both look back and look forward. In that spirit, it seemed a good idea to share with you a few numbers and observations about this experiment in local journalism. More…

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Most Read Stories of 2016

2 Jan , 2017  

Although 1812Blockhouse has been online for less than four months, several of our posts drew the attention of thousands of readers. Here, in order, are the top most-read posts on 1812Blockhouse in that time, with links to each: More…


Three Weeks, Two Lessons

2 Oct , 2016  

It’s important along a journey to occasionally take some time out and take stock of where you are.

Our arrival on the local media scene is no different. Of course, that launch was very recent – just a little over three weeks ago, in fact. It came on the same day as a very important family birth, thus providing hopeful positive energy.

So, can three weeks of experience produce even a glimmer of insight into whether or not we are on the right path? Perhaps. More…