Mansfield in Austin

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  • It’s time to re-imagine Mansfield from the inside out – Richland Source; #SXSW419 Re-Imagining Mansfield – South by Southwest Style – Jay Allred/Richland County Foundation
  • March 8 – “And we are off.“- Richland County Foundation/Facebook
  • Blog posts from the #SXSW419 on Richland Source (access here): March 9 – Redefining Mansfield: South by Southwest Style – Allie Watson; We’re at South by Southwest, but how did we get here? – Jay Allred; March 10 – Day one of SXSW delivers mind-bending content – Cameron Haring; Conveyor of Soul: Design thinking critical to change – Matthew Stanfield; SXSW preaches the power of networking, the importance of reaching out – Allie Watson; Shiznizzy: Fitness guru provides inspiration at SXSW – Maura Teynor; How making connections at SXSW has proved powerful – Aurelio Diaz; What is the housing solution for Mansfield? – Leona Smith; March 11 – Turning apples and oranges into smoothies at SXSW – Ben David; Changing economic landscapes mean new road maps for companies – Jay Allred; Avoiding the mediocrity trap – Jotika Shetty; Lessons from Austin: Observing, interacting, and finding purpose – Chelsie Thompson; March 12 — The Midwest personality – Nikki Lewis; What’s our strategy? – Jodie Perry; Confluence of technology, innovation & development – Jennifer Kime; Smart Cities at SXSW – Bob Bianchi; Creative camaraderie and collectivism – Aurelio Diaz; Branding and promoting Mansfield – Allie Watson; What does change look like – Damien Beauford; Culture shift: Creating a portfolio of experiences – Chelsie Thompson; Startup ecosystem: Say it like you mean it – Cameron Haring; March 13 – “Home is everywhere you go” – Aerelio Diaz; How do you showcase a city? – Maura Teynor; Could Silicon Valley fall in love with Mansfield? – Allie Watson; How Richland County could use “hackathons” to tackle challenges – Nikki Lewis; The psychology of SXSW and why that’s important to understand – Jay Allred; March 14 Let’s put Mansfield on the world stage – Jodie Perry; Wish you were here – Chelsie Thompson; Why does the community pool matter? – Maura Teynor; Thinking big in the new age of entrepreneurship – Cameron Haring; Walkable city = Interesting city – Matthew Stanfield; Goodbye to SXSW, and hello to Mansfield – Bob Bianchi; A farewell letter to SXSW – Ben Davis

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