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They Walked This Land Before Us

29 Nov , 2016  

On Thursday, the Ontario branch of the Mansfield Richland Library will set the clock back a bit – thousands of years, in fact.

The library will host a discussion by Mark Hersman entitled “Ancient People who Walked the Lands of Ontario, Ohio.” Join Mark as he talks about artifacts and shares some hands-on material. A few special surprises will be included.

Hersman is a poet and archeaologist. Mark Hersman is a poet and archaeologist. He grew up in rural Wooster, and was employed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. He is currently excavating an ancient village site near Newcomerstown, Ohio. His chapbook Unearthed was released in 2009.

Thursday’s discussion begins at 6:30 PM. Registration is required; to do so, call 419.529.4912.

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