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Noted Architecture Firm Visits Brass Office Center

4 Aug , 2017  

On Thursday, noted architecture firm Schooley Caldwell paid a visit to the former Ohio Brass Administration Building on North Main Street, now known as the Brass Office Center.

Schooley Caldwell is well known for work in many areas, and particularly in the area of historic renovation and preservation. Projects of the firm have included renovation and restoration of the Ohio Statehouse; the Utah State Capitol Building; East High School in Columbus; the Columbus Museum of Art; and many more high profile buildings.

Although we are not aware of the reason for their visit, we’re certainly glad they came and that they also left a visual souvenir from their trip. This small photo collection shows images of the Brass Office Center’s exterior and interior; be sure to hover over the image and click on the right arrow which appears to scroll through the photos.

The Brass Office Center image collection can be accessed here.

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