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Downtown Mansfield Building May Receive Historic Designation

14 Aug , 2017  

At its Tuesday meeting, Mansfield City Council will consider giving “historic listed property” status to the commercial building at 46 Park Avenue West.

Noting that the designation has been recommended by the City’s Planning Commission as well as the Historic Preservation Commission, the proposed legislation recognizes the building as appropriate “…due to its interest or value as part of the heritage of the City.”

46 Park Avenue West was recently included in the Secret City Tour sponsored by Downtown Mansfield, Inc.. In the information shared by DMI during the tour, it was noted that the building was first mentioned in city directories in 1899, when it was the home of William Dice’s Drug & Confectionary Shop.

On June 23, the Mansfield News Journal reported (story here) that the building’s current owner is seeking to renovate the structure for retail and upper-floor residential use. Available federal and state tax credits for such projects require that properties are officially recognized by local governments for their historic value.

Such designation provides protection for the building based on nationally accepted and locally adopted historic preservation standards pursuant to Chapter 1171 of the City of Mansfield Codified Ordinances.

The building at 46 Park Avenue West can be seen on the right of the photo above, taken during last fall’s Veterans Day Parade.

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