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Catch A Glimpse Of Hidden Mansfield Architecture

30 Oct , 2017  

In 2012, Downtown Mansfield, Inc. joined statewide organization Preservation Ohio in hosting the Forbidden City Tour. On a warm June afternoon, several downtown buildings, rarely open to the public, were available for tours. Hundreds attended.

Tour participants that day included a contributor to the Abandoned blog, Sherman Cahal. Cahal took the his camera along for the occasion, and captured several interesting views of several buildings. On his return, he posted several of those views in a blog post entitled, “Forbidden City Tour: Above City News, Eagles Building, Mansfield Savings Bank.” Included are short narratives of each of those structures.

We are happy to share a link to that wonderful photo essay. On this page is a photo of another downtown building featured on that tour, located on East Fourth Street between Main and Diamond.

To view Cahal’s amazing Mansfield photos, click here, and then scroll down the page.


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