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Buy-Way Week Is Here

7 Aug , 2017  

About this time every year closets are raided, attics are scoured, and unsold garage sale items from last year come out of hiding.

It’s time for the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, an annual tradition in this part of Ohio as well as neighboring states.

On August 10, 11, and 12 the sides of the former Lincoln Highway will be lined with tables, and churches and public buildings will featured sales of almost anything under the sun. As many as 1,000 individual and organizational sales are held in Ohio, with others in Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.

In many areas, that route follows the old US30, but in this part of Ohio, the Lincoln had two routes as it went west from Mansfield. As a result, sales will be found in Crestline, Leesville, and Bucyrus, as well as in Galion – all formerly on different alignments of the Lincoln.

Traverlers guides can help, and can be obtained at many stores, restaurants, and attractions along the route. A full list can be found at this location online.

The website of the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Corridor features a searchable list of sale locations; a search centered on Mansfield provides several advertising sites (click here). The Corridor’s Facebook page for the Buy-Way includes posts from vendors showing what’s on sale; that site is already quite busy.

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