Parking And Traffic Flows Change At Madison

20 Aug , 2017  

Madison High School students and parents will notice changes while driving to and from the school this school year.

Principal Robert Peterson has shared the following on the school’s website:

“Please be aware of the new parking and traffic patterns for the upcoming school year.  There will be no parking or stopping along the front, side or rear of the building for any reason, and parking in the lot in front of the Adult Education/Library entrances is not allowed.  That lot is reserved for bus pick up and drop off; and for High School staff, Adult Education staff, and for Adult Education student parking only.

In order to pick-up or drop off your child, you are required to park in a parking space in one of two areas:  1)the lot directly in front of the main entrance, or 2)the lot used for football parking.  At dismissal time until 3:15 PM, all students and parents parked in the lot in front of the main entrance are required to use the Evergreen Avenue exit in the rear of the building.  During that same time frame, students and parents parked in the lot used for football parking are required to use the Melody Lane exit up near the football stadium.”

Freshman and Sophomore students will start on August 23, while Juniors and Seniors begin on August 24.


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