OSUM Student Veteran Selected For Leadership Institution

24 Oct , 2017  

The Ohio State University at Mansfield student and veteran, Mike Carroll has been selected to participate in the Student Veterans of America (SVA) Leadership Institution. He will spend three-days in Dallas, TX. The SVA’s Leadership Institute trains student veterans how to be leaders in the chapter, campus, and community.

Carroll says, “Being invited to the SVA Leadership Institute is both an honor and very humbling. I view this as an opportunity for me to continue to develop, both personally and professionally.” He continues, “I hope to use this experience as a way to better serve my fellow veterans and community.”

Many veterans decide to further their education after returning to civilian life. Carroll knew going to The Ohio State University at Mansfield was his opportunity to grow. “I think my time serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and my experiences after the military has helped me see how valuable life is every day,” Carroll explains. “I realized that not everyone gets a chance to pursue their dreams and goals. I have a responsibility to make sure not only that I accomplish my goals, but I help other people do the same.”

He is proud of his service in the Marine Corps and the impact he has been able to make for his country and his community. He says, “One of the main things the military teaches is that it’s about more than just you. It’s about the team; it’s about being selfless. There are more things in life than just personal gain.” Carroll is a shining example of this every day on the Mansfield campus.

In addition to being the student veteran community advocate for the campus, he is also a student representative to the Ohio State Mansfield Board. As a first-generation student and a business major, he has a vision for his future. “I like the idea of owning my own business,” he says. “I enjoy working with people. I want to be able to make decisions that impact a company.” He hopes to one day be accepted into The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business to obtain his MBA.

Carroll has received several scholarships to help further his education. “Being a recipient of the Major Lawrence Miller’s Vet Scholarship and the Mortar Board Alumni Scholarship has given me the ability to invest more time and effort into being involved in campus activities and focusing on service projects that are important to me,” he says.

“I didn’t realize how much personal growth would be involved with my education. I came here with the understanding that I would obviously gain knowledge, but I didn’t realize how much I would grow as a person.”

Carroll says there are several things he is most looking forward to at the Student Veterans of America Leadership Institute. “I am looking forward to engaging with proven leaders, learning from my fellow veterans, and better understanding how student veterans play a key role in the future of our country.”

Source, Photo: The Ohio State University at Mansfield

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