Ohio School Report Cards Issued For Richland County Districts

15 Sep , 2017  

On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Education released the annual Ohio School Report Cards. Among them were report cards for Richland County school districts and individual school buildings.

“In a highly competitive, quickly changing, global economy where employers’ expectations are higher than ever, our students must be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will make them lifelong learners. With that in mind, there are many ways that parents and communities gauge the success and improvement of their schools and districts — the annual report card is one of them,” said Paolo DeMaria, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Having set high expectations for what our students must know and be able to do, our children and schools are stepping up to the challenge. We’re seeing increases in achievement across the state. I continue to be impressed with the dedication of Ohio’s educators and our students’ desire to learn more and more.”

Districts and schools were graded on six components for the 2016-2017 school year. The components are Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, K-3 Literacy and Prepared for Success. Districts and schools received A-F grades on each of the six components and most of the individual measures. There are no new measures on the 2016-2017 report cards. More information about the components can be found here.

As a way to highlight the many successes and achievements of Ohio’s school districts, the Department provided districts an opportunity to add a link to a webpage of content that describes their unique qualities and successes.

In 2015, Ohio lawmakers extended “safe harbor” provisions to give students and schools time to adjust to the new standards and tests. The 2016-2017 school year is the last year these provisions are in place.

Richland County District Report Cards results were as follows (for each district, grades for Achievement; Gap Closing; Literacy; Progress; Graduation Rate; Prepared for Success)

Mansfield City – D, F, D, F, F, F

Madison Local – D, D, B, B, B, D

Shelby – C, D, B, B, C, D

Lexington – C, C, B, B, A, C

Ontario – C, D, B, B, A, C

Clear Fork – D, F, C, B, A, D

Lucas – D, F, C, D, A, D

You can access complete details for districts and individual school buildings at this location online.


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