Madison Board To Consider Superintendent Recommendations

25 Nov , 2016  

At its regular monthly meeting next week, the Madison Local Schools Board of Education is set to consider several recommendations from Superintendent Lee Kaple. These recommendations are in addition to standard personnel-related matters.

These Superintendent proposals include the following:

  1. Approval of the creation of a local chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes to meet before or after the regular school day advised by Jonathan King, teacher at Madison Comprehensive High School. It is understood that there is no supplemental pay to supervise the group.
  2. Approval of a resolution to levy the renewal of a tax outside of the ten-mill limitation for current expenses of the school district at a rate not to exceed six and nine-tenths (6.9) mills.
  3. Acceptance of a donation from Minnich Manufacturing of steel materials valued at approximately $500 to be used for the Madison Comprehensive High School Welding program.
  4. Acceptance of a donation from the Breitinger Company of steel materials to be used in the Welding Technology program at Madison Adult Career Center.
  5. Approval for the purchase of a Chevy maintenance/plow truck from Sharpnack of Willard, Ohio for the amount of $28,593.00 for FY 17.
  6. Approval for the purchase of Acer Chromebooks from MNJ Technologies in the amount of $29,436.00 paid for with Federal Title I funds for FY 17.
  7. Approval of the contract and license agreement between Madison Local Schools and Transfinder for transportation services.

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