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This Week’s Mosquito Spraying Locations

24 Jul , 2017  

Richland Public Health will be conducting mosquito spraying, weather permitting, in the following locations during the week of July 24 – July 28:

July 25 – South of Plymouth East Road, North of Nicholas Street, East of Pleasant Street, West of North Street, Plymouth Village.

July 25 – South of Noble Rd West, East of Superior Street, West of Pettit Street, Village of Shiloh.

July 25 – South of Westbrook Country Club, North of Sackman Street, East of Trimble Road, West of Springmill Street, City of Mansfield.

July 26 – South of Eastbrook Center, North of St. Rt. 42, East of Wayne Street, West of Terrace Drive, City of Mansfield.

July 26 – South of OH-39, North of Longview Avenue, East of Boyce Parkway, West of Concord Avenue, City of Mansfield.

July 27 – Charles Mill, Eagle Point Campground, Mifflin Township.

July 27 – South of St. Rt. 30, North of Perch Drive, East of Trout Drive, West of Bass Drive, Mifflin Township.

July 27 – Light and Life Christian Camp, Madison Township.

July 27 – River Trail Crossing, Butler.

All spraying will be conducted before dawn. This schedule is subject to change. Any schedule changes will be posted here and on Richland Public Health social media.


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