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The Ghosts Of Ballet Past And The Nutcraker

16 Dec , 2016  

Local artist Llalan Fowler is one the contributing writers to the unique blog which is Voices from the Borderland, a self-described compendium attempt to “…capture the Genius Loci of the region by gathering the work of local artists—each voicing out from their own private Borderland—into a single online presence.”

This week, Voices published the latest piece by Fowler, entitled “The Ghosts of Ballet Past.” In seven paragraphs with photos, the author shares a review of last weekend’s performance of A 1940s Nutcracker performed by Neos Dance Theatre at The Renaissance.

It is obvious from Fowler’s piece that not only did the performance make a profound impression, but so did the way in which Mansfield came out to support the same. It begins in this fashion:

“I hear the oboe whine its A in the orchestra pit, and it dawns on me how incredible this is. I’m living in a medium-sized Rust Belt town that actually has its own orchestra and a dance troupe and a grand old theatre that has drawn well over 700 people to see a ballet. The turnout to tonight’s cultural event echoes a different Mansfield, Ohio, an earlier, livelier version. Tonight, my Mansfield is out on the town.”

It’s a paean to art, and to the community. It’s well worth a read, and can be found here.


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