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Thank You, Mansfield!

23 Nov , 2017  

We’re happy to re-post our first Thanksgiving message we shared in November of 2016, updated for today. The sentiments expressed herein have not changed.

1812Blockhouse is brand new – just two and a half months old (make that 1 year and two and a half months old), in fact. That’s plenty of time, however, to develop a list of thank yous to share its first Thanksgiving Day.

With that in mind, 1812Blockhouse shares:

First, thank you to the wonderful Mansfield community. In getting the 532 posts (now 1,838 posts!) to date ready to go, we have learned incredible stories from all sectors of the city and area. Some of those have been about people and places from the past, but the majority are about those which make today’s Mansfield an incredible place in which to live, play, work, and invest.

Thank you also to the people, organizations, and businesses who have made our sites a part of your daily routine by liking, friending, or following us on social media.

Thank you to all of the talented journalists and writers that tell the story of this place. It’s an honor to be counted among you.

Above all, thank you to our readers. Our numbers have steadily climbed, and have recently done now so at an increasing rate of growth. We are still fine-tuning our product, and while we aren’t completely “there” yet in terms of content or presentation, the direction is very positive. After all, we’re trying something rather new in online media for small and mid-sized communities, and there’s always something to learn.

Now that it’s 2017, here are two photo albums — one of Downtown Mansfield and one of Kingwood Center Gardens — we have created. Click the image for the album, and again on any photo for a larger view.

Kingwood Center Gardens

Downtown Mansfield Stroll

We hope you enjoy these, and again, thank you for reading!

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