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Sensory Friendly Performances At The Ren

3 Aug , 2017  

The latest edition of the Renaissance Podcast looks at a unique topic: sensory friendly performances.

In the podcast, Executive Director Chelsie Thompson gives the low-down on sensory-friendly performances: what they are, who they’re for, how we make them happen, and why we’re doing them, along with telling us the story of how she ended up at the Renaissance. 

This parallels a recent edition of the Renaissance Blog, in which Thompson details past and present efforts to provide patrons with an experience that matches audience sensatitivies. According to the post, thoser performances can include any or all of the following:

  • Lower sound and light levels, especially during louder or more dramatic events
  • The freedom for patrons to leave their seats or talk during the performance
  • Designated quiet areas
  • Places to move or stand while still enjoying the performance
  • Lower crowd sizes
  • Pre-show visits and videos to acclimate to the theatre environment
  • A staff and volunteer team that is trained to be inviting and accommodating

The full post can be found at this location online.

The podcast itself can be listened to below.

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