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Police Issue Overdose Reminder

12 Oct , 2016  

The Mansfield Police Department sent out the following notice earlier this week:

“The Mansfield Police Department, Richland County Sheriff’s Office, Richland County Coroner’s Office, and the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office are reminding county residents of an increase in drug overdoses and deaths involving possibly contaminated heroin. Over the course of the last several days there were six overdose deaths in the county. There have been at least four Richland County deaths confirmed by the Montgomery County Coroner to have involved carfentanil, an extremely potent and dangerous veterinary opiate that has been used to increase the potency of heroin. Other “designer” opiates have been found as contaminants as well. We urge families struggling with addiction to please reach out for help. There are many addiction services locally and across the state. We also encourage members of the community to immediately turn in dealers known to sell, buy, or possess fentanyl or carfentanil by calling METRICH at 419.755.9728.”


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