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Mobile Mansfield: Ohgo

6 Aug , 2017  

With this post, 1812Blockhouse presents a new series looking at interesting websites with good mobile interfaces that come to our attention, ones that have some connection with Mansfield and Richland County. At no time will we discuss a website or app that has any connection to 1812Blockhouse, financial or otherwise.

We’re calling it: Mobile Mansfield.

Today we’re looking at a site already used by many Ohio commuters and travelers but, in case you were unaware of it, might make your life a bit easier.

It’s called “Ohgo” and it is presented by the Ohio Department of Transportation. As presented on the site, Ohgo “…provides Ohio travelers with up-to-date information on road conditions, traffic, construction, and other activity affecting roadways managed by The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Information provided by this site is updated frequently and comes from a variety of sources, such as pavement sensors and monitoring stations, traffic cameras, and through direct input by ODOT personnel.”

While the state is divided into regions, with Richland County uncomfortably squeezed into the bottom left corner of Northeast Ohio, it is easy to move the map to show all locations in Ohio. Current traffic alerts are highlighted, as are travel time updates, construction areas, and even views from dozens of traffic cameras.

An Ohgo app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, includes the availability of real time traffic updates delivered directly to your smartphone.

Ohgo is easy to reach at:

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