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Mansfield Holiday Central Is Back

24 Nov , 2017  

The 2017 edition of Mansfield Holiday Central is back with everything you need to enjoy the time between now and Christmas day.

Included is a calendar of Christmas and seasonal events between now and December 25, together with links for additional information; regularly updated social media posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; the Ohio Christmas Jukebox; a collection of recent Christmas-y stories on 1812Blockhouse, and more.

December will also see the return of the Hidden Mansfield Holiday Hunt, where you and your family/friends can take a smartphone, go to downtown Mansfield, solve some clues, and win not only the password to Santa’s Hidden Mansfield Workshop, but also a chance to win a gift card. More info soon.

All the fun is at this location online. Mansfield Holiday Central can also be reached via our front page.

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