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City Takes Aim At Illegal Dumping

28 Feb , 2017  

Noting that violations take place on a regular basis, and cause a myriad of problems for neighboring properties and citizens in general, the City of Mansfield issued a news release on Monday aimed at those engaged in illegal dumping activity.

The release reads as follows:

“For several years the City of Mansfield has been plagued with individuals using secluded areas as their own personal dump site. This is not only illegal but causes health issues, cost taxpayers a lot of money in cleanup, contributes to blight, reduces property values in those areas, and can be a deterrent for businesses moving to the City.

To combat illegal dumping, the City has purchased several cameras’ that will be strategically placed in anticipation of recording offenders. Starting within the next few weeks the City will be initiating a program placing cameras’ in various known dump site locations with the expectation of capturing and prosecuting offenders.”


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