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Beards Behind Bars

20 Jun , 2017  

Brothers and sisters of the brush, unite!

The Gnarly Beard Company, which is dedicated to taming tangled bears by using all nature balms and oils, is presenting “Beards Behind Bars” on July 1 at the Ohio State Reformatory.

It’s a chance to get locked up during a unique facial hair competition. Beards of the Old Northwest Beard & Mustache Club is the presenter of this event, proceeds of which benefit the preservation of the former prison.

General Admission tickets for the event are $20, while General Admission tickets with a tour of the Ohio State Reformatory (a $12 value) that day are only $25.00! Self-guided tours will start at 11:00 AM and conclude at 4:00 PM, an hour before the event begins. Doors open at 3:00 PM, and the competition starts at 5:00 PM.

Categories for this year will follow the so-called “Facial Hair League” model.

For complete competition information, judging criteria, and vending/sponsorship information, visit the event’s Facebook page at this location.


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