Great Downtown View

19 Jul , 2017  

#nofilterneeded #myviewnow #home

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Ontario Sunset

17 Jul , 2017  

• and even if you're not here to stay I'm happy that the universe allowed you to stop by•

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Brick Wall Chic

16 Jul , 2017  

Squint……. #r66tat #roadtrip #mansfieldohio #brick #vintagebrickwall #paintedwall

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Beauty At Gorman

14 Jul , 2017  

🌺 #explore #keepitwild #hikeohio

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Bike Trick

13 Jul , 2017  

Bike trick at Mid-Ohio – do not try this at home!

…nobody was injured in the taking of this photo #AMAVMD

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Library View

10 Jul , 2017  


Storm At Mid-Ohio

8 Jul , 2017  

You’ve got to watch this video taken Friday at Mid-Ohio. That storm was a doozy!

Go to the swapmeet they said! It'll be fun they said!

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