Beautiful Drive To The Barnyard Park

21 Oct , 2017  

Hover over image and click on arrow for video.

How blessed are we to drive this road to the farm! #fallbeauty #peaceful #thebarnyardpark

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Pugh Cabin Chandelier

14 Oct , 2017  

Chandelier in the Pugh Log Cabin

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Snow Trails Wedding

13 Oct , 2017  

Caught the garter… now taking applications!

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Downtown Bargains

12 Oct , 2017  

This is happening…a whole tub full of dishes for FIVE DOLLARS! #wow #dishes #thrifting #downtownmansfield #befocalbuylocal #bargain

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Bus And Building

9 Oct , 2017  

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Whirlwind Tour

8 Oct , 2017  

Great stop between forums today in Mansfield!

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