Our Nine Month Checkup

17 Jun , 2017  

As parents know well, there are a regular series of checkup visits during a child’s early years.

That is no less true with media start-ups. This past week 1812Blockhouse reached the ripe old age of nine months, and so we thought we’d turn the focus inwards to share a bit about where we’ve been and where we’re headed. More…

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Blockhouse Blast

12 Apr , 2017  

In this photograph taken by 1812Blockhouse last September during the Colonial Living History Event in South Park, reenactors with the Richland Early American Center for History fire muskets in front of the Blockhouse. Click on the image for a larger version.

Photo: 1812Blockhouse


Mansfield Holiday Central Ramps Up For Home Stretch

1 Dec , 2016  

We’ve been very happy to bring you Mansfield Holiday Central – and from the number of visitors to the site, we know that it has been a popular place to get information about holiday events of all types.

We have updated the site over the last couple of days. That has included adding more events to our unique Holiday Events Calendar, which not only includes dates and times, but also links for additional information. You’ll find things to do, see, and hear on this calendar that exist on none other online. More…


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Thank You, Mansfield!

24 Nov , 2016  

1812Blockhouse is brand new – just two and a half months old, in fact. That’s plenty of time, however, to develop a list of thank yous to share its first Thanksgiving Day.

With that in mind, 1812Blockhouse shares:

First, thank you to the wonderful Mansfield community. In getting the 532 posts to date ready to go, we have learned incredible stories from all sectors of the city and area. More…

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Introducing Mansfield Holiday Central

13 Nov , 2016  

It’s our gift to the community on our very first Christmas.

Mansfield Holiday Central is a one-stop online home for the season in this part of Ohio. More…



Mansfield Is Full Of Stories

12 Nov , 2016  

Click play to learn more about 1812Blockhouse.


Three Weeks, Two Lessons

2 Oct , 2016  

It’s important along a journey to occasionally take some time out and take stock of where you are.

Our arrival on the local media scene is no different. Of course, that launch was very recent – just a little over three weeks ago, in fact. It came on the same day as a very important family birth, thus providing hopeful positive energy.

So, can three weeks of experience produce even a glimmer of insight into whether or not we are on the right path? Perhaps. More…


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One Week Old And Words To Share

15 Sep , 2016  

Last Thursday evening, a click of a mouse was all it took to bring 1812Blockhouse alive. Truth be told, we snuck online on social media a couple of days before that. At that time, a Mansfield-based journalist we know (who shall remain nameless) sent an email which said, in part, “Welcome to the party!”

While maybe not a party, the last week has been great. It seems a good time to share a couple of things with our new readers.

Planning is a critically important activity, however a great deal of beginning and growing something like 1812Blockhouse is best done on an “as you go” basis. More…


Welcome to 1812Blockhouse

2 Sep , 2016  

Welcome to 1812Blockhouse.
Over two hundred and eight years ago, three families made their way across miles of forested land and streams, occupied by groups of Native Americans and an intense collection of flora and fauna. The Hedges, Larwell, and Newman families chose a bucolic site in north central Ohio for their settlement. In 1808, they and others then platted a community which they named after the surveyor who had authorized their expedition and planning – Jared Mansfield.