Hand Picked Richland News: Friday

21 Sep , 2018  

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County has an important position to fill
today on Richland Source (R)

Katy the cat is doing just fine
today on Mansfield News Journal ($)

Who is shooting out back windows of cars in Ontario?
today on WMFD

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Two Announcements From 1812Blockhouse

5 Sep , 2018  

From Thomas Palmer, 1812Blockhouse Publisher:

There’s something about the number “two” I really like.

I have two children, for starters.

Here’s another reason: 1812Blockhouse is celebrating the number “two” in “two” ways this week. First, we turn two years old on Saturday – a mini milestone for any local media effort. Second, we are sharing an announcement below that very much concerns the same number. More…

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Kingwood Green

22 Aug , 2018  

A view inside the greenhouses at Kingwood Center Gardens, taken this past Saturday; click for a larger view.


Two Thousand Five Hundred Posts

2 Jul , 2018  

Last week, a mini-milestone took place here at 1812Blockhouse that went completely unnoticed by us. Unnoticed, that is, until we were loading stories for Monday’s edition and the post counter showed 2,514.

That’s 2,514 individual items posted on the site since it launched on September 8, 2016. More…



Keep Us Informed So That We Can Keep You Informed

9 Jun , 2018  

Each week, 1812Blockhouse receives press and news releases from Richland County organizations, institutions, clubs, and businesses. In addition to our curated news from local media and our own stories and posts, we love nothing more than to share your news with our rapidly growing readership.

It’s easy to reach us – just send us an email at: 1812blockhouse@gmail.com, or send us a direct message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Mid Ohio Morning Is Here

29 Mar , 2018  

Our new E-Newsletter is here.

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Reach Richland. For Free.

24 Feb , 2018  

You’re reading this post, and so will many, many other Richland County and area residents.

Consider this — Some 1812Blockhouse posts have been read some 3,000 to 38,000 times. Each.

Get your message out to Richland County MUCH more cheaply than through other local media. In fact, your first ad is on us. Seriously.

Contact us today for details at: 1812blockhouse@gmail.com


Two Thousand Posts!

21 Jan , 2018  

We have a bit of news of our own to share today. Sometime in the last couple of days, we hit a bit of a milestone here at 1812Blockhouse with the publication of our 2,000th post!

Since we launched in September of 2016, we’ve been adjusting our pace to bring you three or four posts a day, as well as 10-20 additional links to local media (the 2,000 number refers to just our own posts). More…


Facebook Makes Changes: We’re Staying The Same

13 Jan , 2018  

Updated: See below

Ancient philosopher Heraclitis once observed, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

We live in an era where change takes place more quickly than ever. Take Facebook’s recent announcement that it plans to tweak (yet again) its “news feed” algorithm, changes which the New York Times described as designed to “favor posts by friends over material from news organizations and other businesses.” This quote is from a story entitled, “The End of the Social News Era? Journalists Brace for Facebook’s Big Change.More…



Top Twelve Of 2017: Part Four

1 Jan , 2018  

This weekend marks the end of the first full calendar year for 1812Blockhouse. As we look back, we’re also identifying our top posts during each month of 2017.

Today we conclude that look with the most read posts for October, November, and December. Click on each to read the original post. More…