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Richland Economic Development Efforts Profiled

6 Mar , 2017  

The online journal, Business in Focus, has profiled local economic development efforts for their national audience.

According to the publication, “At Business In Focus, we take pride in bringing our readers a comprehensive view of North American business, month after month. Our online editions keep you on top of the latest news and events across multiple industries, and highlight the nation’s leaders in their respective fields. By sitting down with Managers, Founders, Directors, and CEOs, we are able to bring the stories of their success to you.”

In a piece entitled, “Over Two Hundred Years at the Heart of American Industry,” author Marcus Romney does an overview of Richland County and in particular the work of the Richland Community Development Group. Included are a review of development assets (transportation, Mansfield Lahm, and others); a profile of recent corporate expansions such as Newman Technologies and Next Generation Films; and a discussion of the local labor force.

The piece in Business in Focus can be accessed at this location online.

Photo: Mansfield Lahm Airport/Creative Commons License


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