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Mansfield Home Sales Numbers Among The Strongest In Ohio

22 Oct , 2017  

When the September figures for home sales were announced this past week by the Ohio Association of Realtors, the Mansfield area evidenced strong gains.

In fact, our region of Ohio had the second highest percentage increase in the state for the year-to-date dollar volume of sales transactions.

Overall, the rate of homes sold across Ohio in September reached a best-ever level, posting a marginal increase from the mark posted during the month a year ago, according to the Association.

“Through the three-quarter mark of 2017, the Ohio housing market has been able to display sustained strength in the overall level of sales activity, along with a healthy growth in pricing,” said Ohio REALTORS President Pete Kopf. “It’s evidence we’re continuing to make significant progress in rebuilding the foundation of the state’s housing sector.”

Around the state, 14 of the 18 markets tracked reported upswings in average sales price, while the rate of home sales dropped in 12 markets compared to September 2016.

The Mansfield region sales reflected the following (first number is for September 2016, and second number is for September 2017):

  • Number of units sold—189 – 214 (increase of 13.2%)
  • Dollar volume — $20,964,362 — $26,578,600 (increase of 26.8%)
  • Average sales price — $110,923 — $124,199 (increase of 12.0%)

And the following year-to-date numbers:

  • Number of units sold – 1,530 – 1,685 (increase of 10.1%)
  • Dollar volume — $172,249,867 — $192,938,030 (increase of 12.0%)
  • Average sales price — $112,582 — $114,503 (increase of 1.7%)

The year-to-date increase of 12.0% is the second highest in the state, with only the Athens area registering a larger number. The number of units percentage increase was third highest, behind Athens and the Guernsey-Muskingum area.

Source: Ohio Association of Relators

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